Medical Device - Wound Dressing

Remarkable Innovations of Nata de Coco: When food is not only a food, it heals.

Nata De Coco marks another new milestone that allows us to evolve from conventional concept where Nata not only a chewy food but it can be applied on the medication usage.

Happy Alliance aims to deliver the best quality of Nata De Coco to facilitate market needs with emerging the advanced food technology. The application of bacterial cellulose derived from Nata De Coco in biomedical field is one of the innovative efforts which bring our products to higher end level. Aside from producing range of specialty food desserts, Nata De Coco can be used for further development of cosmeceutical care.

Nata De Coco is currently used in a number of medical applications especially as wound dressing and burn dressing. It was proven that bacterial cellulose from Nata De Coco does not only protect over the burn wound, but also accelerates the healing process and hence it’s effective in promoting wound healing in the case of second degree skin burn.

Skin care experts also strongly agree that bacterial cellulose from Nata De Coco produce facial mask that is far better than ordinary non-woven fiber masks available in the market. The effectiveness of this new-aged facial mask is attributed by its high biocompatible delivery system which allows deep penetration of skin care ingredients into skin layers.


·         Easy apply as highly biocompatible for human skin

·         Ultrafine fibrous network with high tensile strength

·         High water retention capacity

·         Safe for use as free from allergen

·         Relatively biodegradable and environmental friendly

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