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Captain Dolphin Annual Dinner 2007

We started off the New Year with Captain Dolphin celebrating a very grand closure of 2007 with its Grand Annual Dinner which was held at Baywatch Restaurant, Tanjung Sepat on 17 November 2007 with attended by more than 100 people including partners, suppliers, customers and employees who came in their best outfit for a wonderful evening of enjoyment and reflection. The night began with a speech by Captain Dolphin, Managing Director, Mr. Johnny Tan. After that, attendees were treated to an enjoyable session of karaoke throughout the dinner to lighten the mood and just let everyone relax. At the end of the night, everyone had an amazing time and left with high hopes for this New Year. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the dinner and may 2011 bring more prosperity to all of you!